“Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up”
― Leonardo DaVinci,

Ever wondered what it would feel like to walk in the sky?
We present to you one of Ganga Legends County’s most unique offerings – the Skywalk!

Elevate yourself at a height of over 250 feet from stilt level, and feel the world at your feet!

Don’t let traffic, pollution, or any hassle get in the way of your time to dwell, your time to exercise, or your time to breathe!

Enjoy hundreds of acres of uninterrupted views of Bavdhan, extending till Pashan Lake. Views of green hills, beautiful landscapes, mountains and forests that will take your breath away…

Let your mind drift among the clouds and befriend the birds that join you in your stroll.. The Skywalk at Ganga Legends County, Bavdhan offers an experience that is unparalleled.